55 families

70 units

45 minutes from Jerusalem

Secular community

Kibbutz Mitzpe Shalem is located between Nahal Dragot and the Nahal Hatzatzon canyon, above the peaceful shores of the Dead Sea. A quality community has emerged, supporting a creative and constructive community. The members of the kibbutz include the founders of the AHAVA factory, the founders of the challenging guest “Cliffs of Ranks” and the developers of advanced desert agriculture. The unique environment has created a unique and warm community. Hari Zahav is a leading company of community development, jointly developing with Kibbutz Mitzpe Shalem an expansion of 50 plots with careful and unique planning. The model of the winter palaces A model of a house adapted to the climatic and area conditions which was specially designed by the architect Kfir Wax, one of the leading ecological architects in the country. The model is a growing model tailored to the needs of the family inspired by the Herodian winter palaces in Jericho.



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